Military & Government

TRINITY understands the importance of partnerships and that teamwork is required to accomplish any mission through the leveraging of assets and resources. We have collaborated with several VOB & SDVOB’s in support of mutual business growth and development.

The TRINITY Team offers high-level processes and detailed, standardized procedures that result in disciplined program management and successfully implemented integrated systems, along with a history of successful DoD support and proven logistic performance.

The TRINITY Team consists of the best resources in the industry as highlighted below:

  • The TRINITY Team realizes that successful missions requires more than knowledge of product quality.
  • TRINITY has developed our expertise only through a knowledge-based understanding of our clients and their supply chain.
  • The TRINITY Team not only understands our industry, but also understands the logistics as it relates to our clients vision for their product and service.
  • The TRINITY team recognizes the importance of transition management and it’s critical part in any effort.

The TRINITY team is lead by our CEO who is a decorated veteran of the Gulf War (Desert Storm) and is made up of dedicated professionals, using quality processes, experienced in assuming support without disruption, building on the success of the past, and infusing clients goals with our knowledge and skills to achieve full supply chain integration.


Our goal is to understand your mission directive from a command perspective and to carry out that assignment with the excellence and expertise we pledge to supply.



The Trinity Design Group understands that effective and efficient packaging is a requirement in order to support the Department of Defense and our Armed Forces. We grasp the magnitude of the largest distribution network in the Globe and are avid supporters in this area.

Trinity recognizes the necessity for detailed technical product knowledge as well as a full understanding of every mission’s operational goal; maximum flexibility with lean staffing is an operations imperative; and above all else 24/7 responsiveness.

Thus, Trinity leads a team that provides both product technical knowledge, innovative thought and extensive experience in the range of skill sets required to perform SOW tasks.




The Trinity Pack is one of
many solutions offered in
our mission to support the
American war fighter,
wherever he / she may be.


Benefits to our environment

The Trinity Pack represents less waste in the facilities. Because of its reusable capabilities, the Trinity pack will result in less unwanted wood and non-recyclable items filling landfills and waste streams, less fuel used due to the compact design of shipment and return, which will also provide a significant reduction in the carbon footprint of the US Government.

Military bases and depots will be able to reduce waste and move towards the lack of need for landfill facilities. The unused landfills can then be converted to parks and recreation areas for the Armed Forces personnel, their families and their communities.

The Trinity Pack meets the past messages from the US Government dating back to World War II when there was a call urging citizens to donate metals and conserve fiber, as a matter of significant patriotic importance.

NAICS CODES: 541620 : 562910 : 921140 : 924110 : 421840