Global Hazardous Waste Solutions Pharmaceutical, Bio, Medical Waste (Treated & Untreated)

Trinity provides solutions for small & large quantity generators of universal & medical hazardous waste. It is an imperative in our business to know all of the international & regional rules, regulations and responsible means of disposal to protect our reputation and that of our clients. Downstream due diligence is essential to maintaining industry reputation and trust from our clients.

Safety & Compliance our FIRST!

We are the experts in evaluating any waste stream for the most efficient means of disposal, including recyclable assets. You are in good hands with our Global expertise.

Value Added Services

  • Full Product identification for end of life incineration or recycling (Expiring pharmaceuticals & medication tracking)
  • Evaluation of materials for determining regulatory rules & tracking of new legislation
  • Cost analysis to determine handling treated and non treated medical and bio waste streams.
  • Containerize/Transport
  • Segregation of recyclables with monetary value

Trinity offers LTL, Dedicated Load and Container Mailing Transport for the following hazardous waste streams:

Universal Waste

• Intact Fluorescent Lamps
• Intact Dry Cell Batteries
• Intact Sealed Wet Cell Batteries
• Intact Mercury Apparatuses


DEA and Non*DEA Pharmaceuticals

• Unopened Packaging
• Consumer Commodity
• Excludes Certain Pharmaceuticals
• State Restrictions Apply
• Regulated Medical Waste Items, Bio-Hazardous Waste

• Bio-hazard bags and Boxes
• Sharps Containers
• Reusable Containers
• Confidential Document Containers
• Medical Waste Containers