Industrial Sewing Program

When the need is for extensive longevity in a program, our industrial sewing operation becomes a viable and cost effective alternative to disposable packaging.

With design and manufacturing capabilities, this program can engineer a solution that will simplify the logistics and handling of work in progress and finished goods inventories.


“Johnson Controls has successfully partnered with Trinity in the advancement of sustainability. Trinity has proven to be a key enabler for the success of our plant in significantly reducing landfill usage and increased recycling. This in turn has reduced costs as well as lowered the plant’s overall carbon footprint.”

Bob Burns
Continuous Improvement Manager
Automotive Experience


  • Vertical operation with Engineering, Design and Manufacturing
  • Program Management, sub-contracting and resourcing services
  • Assembly, modification and repair
  • Sewing and assembly operations
  • Digital design, pattering, documentation
  • State of the art and automated cutting and sewing equipment
  • Ultrasonic, Thermal and adhesive construction capabilities


  • Conventional and specialized fabric dunnage returnable shipping systems
  • Highly engineered fabric products
  • “Low-cost” / “high output” solutions to fabric end products