Waste to Revenue

Our “Landfill Waste Reduction” program honors the environment, protects our collective health and wellness as well as the natural ecological balance. We create repeatable revenue sources for our clients by analyzing their process and creating recycling programs to increase their efficiency.

Our goals are to decrease landfill waste, while positively effecting our customer’s bottom line. By the end of Summer 2011, Trinity will achieve a 3rd successful Zero Landfill location for clients.

Keys to Program Success :

  • Identification, segregation & prioritization of all waste streams.
  • Client team member involvement, education & training.
  • Immediate & on-going in-house employee recycling program.
  • Adequate quantity of recycling receptacles; optimally placed and easily identifiable.
  • Identifying responsible users to take recyclables for maximum client rebates. (On-Site Staff when needed).
  • Ongoing CI teams created

The Program Benefits

  • Sustainability impact reduces landfill usage.
  • Positive impact to environment and community.
  • Encourages team members to recycle at work and home.
  • Cost savings benefit offsets additional labor.
  • Reduction in landfill tipping fees and transportation charges.
  • Maximized rebates for recycled materials.
  • Common waste streams promote localized recycling & maximized rebates.